Testimonial - Icon Fluorocarbon Leader Material

13 Mar 2018 1:46 PM - Often overlooked, your leader choice can be the most important purchasing decision you make.

Icon Fluorocarbon Leader Material

Icon’s Fluorocarbon Leader material hit the market a few seasons back and I was a fan from the get-go but the past two weeks fishing has just cemented my love of this product. 

Fishing New Zealand’s South Island for wary brown trout often sees anglers fishing wafer thin leaders to try and tempt a strike. For me though I fished the Icon in 7lb the whole week and never had a failure even though we were often tackling fish nudging 2kg in fast water.

The real icing on the cake was using 10lb for some Gippsland bass fishing on the weekend. I fished a single leader for an entire day which saw 3 good fish stitch me up in the timber.......all of which I was able to land......none of which required the leader to be replaced. Not a single scuff. I was amazed and figured on each fish that a new leader would be required or at least a bit of scrappy stuff cut off. One of these fish was a real bruiser that went 47cm to the fork and is one of the best wild river bass I have taken in a very long time.

Also of interest was the fact that I also used the same material on a trip to Christmas Island last year and tied all my fly leaders out of it. Turned over the weighted flies beautifully and was hard enough to detect to fool enough Bonefish to keep me occupied for the week.

If you’ve not tried it before I suggest that the next time you’re looking for new leader material that you give it a go.


Chris Baty

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Testimonial - Icon Fluorocarbon Leader Material

Icon Fluorocarbon Leader MaterialIcon’s Fluorocarbon Leader material hit the market a few seasons...

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