Midging Trout of Coliban

29 Mar 2015 8:11 AM - Some great late afternoon action on Upper Coliban Res at the moment.
Midge hatches on Upper Coliban Reservoir have seen plenty of trout rising close to shore on the edge of the ripple line.

While quantity not quality is generally the order of the day here some of the fish seen sipping midges have been well over 1.5kg.

Fly anglers will get the most out of this fishing by sitting a midge pupae in the surface film or a dry like the Griffits Gnat on top. This can be tricky fishing though as your fly can get lost amongst the millions of naturals in and on the water. Some anglers find that casting a big wooly bugger in front of a working fish will grab their attention better than a small inert fly.

Lure fishos can do the same thing by leading the fish with a shallow diving hard body. Bait anglers too will often get bit by slowly retrieving a live mudeye. Rig the mudeye on a small water filled bubble float to give you a bit of casting distance.

This fishing is at its best from late afternoon until you can no longer make out the subtle rises. Speaking of which these rises can be hard to detect at times with a small calm spot in amongst the ripples being all to indicate a rise. That being said you will also get those fish that will make themselves noticed as they swim with dorsal out ready for their next morsel.

Good luck and Tight Lines
Compleat Angler Geelong

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