Cranka Crabs about to land.

5 Mar 2015 11:18 AM - The much anticipated shipment of Cranka Crabs is being shipped to stores this week.
The first shipment of Cranka Crabs hit Australia over 12 months ago and sold out almost immediately. 

Those that were lucky enough to get their hands on some of the original stock have been treating them as prized possessions knowing that the second shipment would take some time to make it into the country.

Those who have fished them have been impressed by their ability to fool fish like bream even in tough conditions.

We have just received word that new stocks are in the Country. Our order has already been paid for and we have just put the crabs up on the Online-Store so you can check out the colour options and pre-order if you like.

Only some colours will arrive in this first batch but we have been assured that the rest of the stocks should arrive within a month.

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