Game/Overhead Reels

The overhead Game reel is still the go-to reel for serious game fisherman the world over. While there is a trend for modern game anglers to pit themselves against the world's toughest species with super sized spin reels nothing compares to the sheer strangth and line capacity of the true game reel. If you knew the next fish you were going to hook was the fish you'd been fishing your whole life for you'd want to be harnessed in to one of these reels. This category also includes standard overhead reels, these are not game reels but sit best in this category. For a range of suitable rods for Game Fishing check out our Game Rods category. For rods suitable for the standard overheads check out our Overhead Rods category.

Shimano Tiagra 30WLRSA

Price: AUD $699.95

Shimano Tiagra 50WLRSA

Price: AUD $799.95

Shimano Tiagra 80WA

Price: AUD $949.95

Shimano TLD 2SP 20A

Price: AUD $289.95

Shimano TLD 2SP 30A

Price: AUD $299.95

Shimano TLD 2SP 50LRSA

Price: AUD $389.95

Shimano TLD15

Price: AUD $159.95

Shimano TLD20

Price: AUD $169.95

Shimano TLD25

Price: AUD $189.95

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