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Scott - Buzz Release - Pink - Youth Buckle


Scott has long led the way in archery release innovation and technology. For more than 35 years, Scott innovations have stood atop the podium.

  • Compact, Lightweight, Single-Jaw Caliper Design
  • Proven Roller-Sear Design for Smooth, Crisp & Consistent TriggerPull
  • Ergonomic Head Design to Aid in Drawing and Anchoring
  • NCS Hybrid Connector for Infinite Length Adjustment to Fit Any Archer
  • Swiveling Head Design Allows for Full Release Rotation, While Nylon
  • Connector Eliminates Release Torque
  • One-Piece, Forward Knurled Trigger Maximizes Draw Length

Single caliper head design is a SCOTT™ exclusive and it offers some key advantages you won't find anywhere else. First, a single caliper release is simple – there are fewer moving parts. Also, the flat side of the head tends to guide the string loop exactly where you want it to be, while the compact design of the single caliper head gives you crisp activation and allows for generally lighter trigger settings.

Why Scott


SCOTT’S™ famous Roller Sear design allows for more trigger options than any other design. Scott's Roller Sear delivers clean triggering. With no travel felt in the trigger.


The knurled trigger on a Scott Release gives you a better grip. As an archer, you may be shooting in the summer heat or with heavy gloves in the winter. Either way, the knurled trigger of a Scott Release feels great in the crook of your knuckle or the tip of your finger.


Some like the feel of a solid swivel connector. Others like the ability to adjust their position. Some prefer the torque free performance of the nylon strap. Scott has you covered with a variety of choices.

Price: AUD $89.95

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