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Mad Game Calls - Mity Mouse Coaxer

Scream baby scream! The Mity Mouse Coaxer call produces the terrified scream of a small rodent. Bring those predator in up close and personal with this coaxer.

Excellent for close-in calling. Most predators cannot resist the squeak of mice. To operate, hold bulb between thumb and forefinger and squeeze together, varying the speed and length of air depressed through the bulb.

The Mity Mouse Coaxer imitates the squeaks of mice helping you attract foxes and feral cats into bow range. The call can vary from a three to four note series to rapid, intense multi-note sequences. 

Mount the Mity Mouse to your bow riser for convenient close-in calling while in a shooting position.


  • Cautiously approach an area where foxes/feral cats are believed to be.
  • Ideally position yourself in front of a tree, boulders or braken to help break up your outline.
  • Conceal yourself as well as possible while leaving a clear field of view especially downwind.
  • Camo clothing will aid in hiding your form from incoming foxes and feral cats
  • Start with a series of fast, excited squeaks tapering to softer squeaks. The idea is to give the impression of weakening prey.

Price: AUD $24.95

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